Day 5 – Work Day

Today’s postcard is brought to you by the Barrhaven Centre Mall. After much work and frantic emailing to prepare for tomorrow mornings “crack of dawn” departure, it was time to get setup for The Apprentice Which involves making pizza and settling in. In order to make pizza, I needed to shop. In order to shop, I needed to “zip over” to the Loblaws at Barrhaven Centre. In order to “zip over” to the Loblaws at Barrhaven Centre, I needed to walk for about 40 minutes to a sprawling complex of big box stores.

In order to locate the Loblaws, I needed to walk through parking lot after parking lot to the farthest corner of the outreaches of Barrhaven “Centre” to find the Loblaws. In order to get home, I needed to call a cab!!

What do you think?