Market Day #2 – Marche Jean-Talon

After significant arm-twisting, nagging and pleading, Sam allowed as how we could come over for dinner Saturday night.  She’d even let us cook. So Gerry planned a baked pasta featuring sausages, peppers and beans… oh so very tasty! I spent the morning working at Cafe Java U on St.Denis where they had wireless.  (30 minutes free for every purchase)

Gerry joined me for hamburger & poutine at Bien Bon (serious – Bien Bon), and then we headed off to Marche Jean-Talon to pick up supplies.
Ger in Marche Jean-TalonGer found a place with preserved lemons and an outside grill where they were cooking lamb and sausages, and selling sandwiches….outstanding lamb sandwich. I love Markets!!!   YUM!!!
Lamb Rotisserie
Incredible Lamb SandwichIncredible Lamb SandwichIncredible Lamb Sandwich

We didn’t spend enough time here, but my twisted ankle, stupid shoes and the direction of the sun (honestly) we making me grumpy, so we headed to Sam’s.

On the way, I purchased some apology beer…
Apology Beer -  Belle Gueule

Men buy flowers, Lexa’s buy beer. After a lovely supper, great conversation and forcing poor Sam to play our newest singing game, we had the cheese course. Which allowed me to take the first “art shot” of the trip…

What do you think?