The Globe Got Humour Transplant

Have you guys seen this???

The Globe & Mail (aka Mop&Pail, Gob&Spew, and many many more) has finally transended the “Morning Smile” and gotten a serious sense of humour.

“Welcome to the most controversial online contest ever.”

Their most recent contest invites readers to join in the conversation and win.  So with both a nod to blogging and building conversations with their readers they are making a great step to start with… but the prizes… With prizes like that, how can a loyal Canadian not enter???

Prizes are valued at $10,00:

  • “of your own Softwood Lumber! Help make NAFTA work.”
  • “in Two Tier Healthcare Services! Private or American Care”
  • “Deluxe Gay Wedding. Celebrate in style!”
  • “Holiday on Hans Island. $10K Luxury Trip. Get there before the Danes”
  • “worth of overpriced gas! Gas up and go!”
  • in personalized logo golf balls! Golf like a politician”

For more info on the prize and contest: Join the Conversation and Win Contest.

What do you think?