Photojunkie spotlight, Creampuff likes my rack. spotlight on CheapEats editor Alexa Clark Some weeks you sit in solitary silence ego-surfing in  the pathetic hope that someone, somewhere might give you a little link love. Other weeks, you take a quick glance at your stats between rushing hither and yon only to be shocked into stunned silence "Okay, who said what?  ‘Cause these numbers are unnatural!"

Well, after a little nudging and bad poetry Creampuff finally posted a highly amusing comment about the first-meeting, not-so-cheapeats brunch I had with her and her partner Kate. 


Rannie posted a spotlight on his beautiful photoblog entitled Alexa Clark serves up some Cheap Eats. In it he grills me about my favourite spots in Toronto, our plans and schemes for the "Cheap Eats Empire" and includes photos of the team from the book launch, le Petit Dejeuner and the CETO-as-earrings photo I love so much. 

I’m kind of blown away by the attention, but loving it!

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