I’m Peeking At You

If you are paying close attention, you might have noticed me peeking at you, kilroy-esque, from your navbar when you are checking out the posts on unsweetened.ca.

Or if you are a reader of the CheapEats Toronto blog:  www.cetoblog.com or CheapEats Ottawa blog: www.ceotblog.com – you might have seen one of these or appear in your RSS reader.

Inspired by the cool kids and thanks to some expert advice from Kate, I’ve been able to setup favicons for all our blogs.  (okay, I don’t have one for spunkymonkey.ca yet… but hey, when was the last time that guy blogged anything anyway?)

Want one for your website or blog?

Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. pick or design an icon that will work well and be recognizable really really small – about the size of the RSS icon.

    • high contrast, graphical, simple.
    • feel free to consider the one I’m using for unsweetened.ca as a BAD EXAMPLE


  2. go to FavIcons from Pics
  3. browse to your source image then generate your FavIcon.ico
  4. Download the zip file
  5. In the zip file you’ll see a file called favicon.ico
  6. Upload favicon.ico to your website’s root directory. 

    • do not rename it, or it won’t work
    • If you are using typepad and have domain mapping, put it in the appropriate blog’s root directory


  7. Hard Refresh your browser, and go to your blog

    • if it doesn’t appear immediately, fret not… give it a little time to catch up to you.


  8. Then let me know… I’d love to see your choice of icons!

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