Finally 4 ways

So once again Vox has sucked me in with their easy posting and functionality.  A couple of quick clicks and you can create a post with 4 photos from your computer (or flickr) all lined beautifully in a cube and have it be a visual post of your day.

But I want to do that HERE — once again, Picasa to the rescue. (thanks again Ryan) And I get to throw in a funky background too… So here is the tail-end of last week in photo collages.


Wednesday 4 ways
Almost Bagels; Bagel for Lunch; Hidden Canal; Patio Beer; Baklava-like;


Hull 4 ways
Fetes et Festivals; Waiting for Ages; Merde il pleut; $20 Game;


Friday 4 ways
Waiting in the Shade; Chicken Tikka Wrap; $1 Gets You ;

What do you think?