I’m a word nerd

Inspired by Rannie’s recent Vox QotD response, I was pushed to consider the difference between a nerd and a geek.  My response was:

Stopping to think about it, I think of “geek” as being “obsessively into <insert subject here>” where as a “nerd is more “completely anal about <insert subject here>

Now, don’t bite my head off, I’m talking about the colloquialisms here, not the dictionary definitions.   But since I’m sharing my misconceptions, I figured I’d ask yours.

So, what are your working understandings, your walking-around-town-pointing-and-laughing definitions, of the following:

  • Nerd;
  • Geek;
  • Dork;  and just for good measure:
  • Nimrod.

Feel free to throw in self-deprecating examples

What do you think?