QotD or Credit Check?

NotesEveryone loves the Vox Question of the Days.  It’s like someone out there in Vox-land is interested in knowing every little detail about us:

It’s so easy to answer and the questions are so innocuous and seductive. We want to share. We want comments and interaction.  We want attention.  Or at least most of us do.  So we answer and expound upon our answer filling in the little extra holes to make a better story.  It’s no big deal telling our readers what our first pet’s name was, is it?  We’re safe here in Vox-land, right? 

So what if you can put a Voxer’s answers together and you’d can get their stripper name… oh but… humm… don’t rush me here… but wouldn’t you also get the answers to most secure system’s password clues?

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