Ever Had A Day Like This?

  Water Closet Wishes 
  Originally uploaded by LexnGer.

Ya, me neither.

Someone on flickr asked if the food in the pub was bad enough to cause someone to write this.

In fact, the food was pretty good, and it never crossed my mind that this had anything to do with the restaurant. 

I imagined some hellish evening at the pub with a blind date. Or a slew
of your boring co-workers. Or one of those lovers you can never seem to
dump. Or watching the love of your life fawn all over your sworn enemy
(aka best friend).

Or perhaps, drowning one’s sorrow after a harrowing set of exams which
are fated to end your life long dream of journalistic genius leaving
you pull pints of draught professionally while others experience
hellish evenings at the pub with a blind date or a slew of their boring

And so continues the cycle of life.

What do you think?