#68 Let Us Cheer You On aka Photojunkie’s one million giveaway

Check this out!  Photojunkie’s almost one million!  Visitors that is.

The goal is to help push him over the edge before the end of the year.  [yes, you can sing the song now… Cuz he’s – Close – To – The – Edge…]

Sure, sure, by leaving comments or blogging about this or spreading the word like wildfire you can possibly win stuff but it is more about helping him hit the target! [More Details Here] Don’t get me wrong here, if the PJ wants to give me a photojunkie print or a camera (Rannie, it really is that order of preference) I will not complain.  Oh hell, you know I’ll blog about it and strut around like I’m something special,

So take a second and drop in on Photojunkie.ca.  It might just make your day!

What do you think?