What’s Your Status?

For those of you not familiar with , one of the most amusing features, when used properly, is the status update.  It’s similar to , but every status update must begin with “Alexa is…” 

Some of my friends are masters of the status update which can be funny, enigmatic or just painfully true.

Since I have been rather quiet on the blog as of late, I figured I’d give you a little hit of Status Updates.

May 6 – Alexa is sitting by the fire listening to the dogs howl.6:17am

May 7 – Alexa is off-line, off-grid, and . 8:03am

May 8 – Alexa is flying to TO. 7:23pm – Alexa is early and waiting for her gate to clear. 9:42pm

May 9 – Alexa is happy to be wired again. 8:21am – Alexa is terrified the photobank ate all her photos. 10:11am – Alexa is considering a backup strategy. 11:18am

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Feel free to respond by answering the question “What are you doing?”

What do you think?