22 Reasons why a 21 hour bus ride was worth it

  1. Jumping on the 9pm bus Thursday night gets you out of the Windsor-Quebec City corridor before and are shut down for the .
  2. Fresh croissant for breakfast in Montreal.
  3. The ability to stretch our legs in Kingston, Montreal, St. Foy, Rivière-du-Loup, Edmundston, Fredericton before arriving in Saint John. Hey, we even got to line up again for a fresh new bus each time.
  4. Plenty of time to read.  In fact, time to finish 3 books.
  5. Not pushing yet another to the breaking point on the way down and suffer the consequences on the way home.
  6. It wasn’t a 22 hour bus ride
  7. No driving. Not on the highway. Not to and from the shore. (Thank you Sandy) Not even across the river to the island. (Thank you dad)
  8. Arriving rested enough to cook a tasty supper, visit with friends and enjoy some great music our first night home.
  9. Dad.
  10. Wild Strawberries! (Even though we had to miss the Strawberry Supper due to inclement weather.)

    What I Did on My Summer Vacation
  11. Friends who sailed, drove, and paddled over to see us.
  12. New chicks and turkey-lings to watch learn about free-ranging and to shoo away from the BBQ.  (Time for that when you are bigger my little birdies.)
  13. Fresh for breakfast.
  14. Damselflies.
  15. Kayaks and a big beautiful river to kayak around in.
  16. Sipping coffee by the fire first thing as the sun rises over the trees.
  17. Sunshine and … rain (and by extension plenty of naps!)
  18. Learning to bagpipe on the beach.
  19. Introducing a new generation to the joys of seaweed fights.
  20. Too much whiskey & wine and just the right amount of story telling, table pounding and lies.
  21. The verdant green of the island. The intense blue of the . The glowing orange and reds of the sunsets. (and the new camera that let me them.)
  22. Because we got to fly back.

[[ Photo index by row:
Gerry and some Baggage., 2. Montreal by bus, 3. Gerry on Bus #2, 4. Music By The Fire, 5. Enjoying the Music
6. Island Ger, 7. Wild Strawberry, 8. Damsel, 9. Bagel Stick, 10. Postcard Shot,
11. Wishing For a Little Breeze, 12. Unlearn ™, 13. Gerry @ the Breakwater, 14. Hand Geyser, 15. Too Sharp For Beach Glass,
16. Ger & Dani, 17. In Lieu of Blogging, 18. Pseudo-Focaccia, 19. Bagel Epaulet, 20. Caged Like a Chick,
21. The Point, 22. Last Ride, 23. Look West, 24. Home From Above, 25. TO Bound

All Summer Vacation Photos , ]]

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