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Camera Hospital — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

Finally I got my into to get that error checked out. ( would have sent it in for me but there is a $50 refundable up front fee)

I held some vain hope that would say "OH, an E18 error?  And you *didn’t* drop your camera? We’ll fix it for free. No… we’ll just upgrade you for free to an S5." (Yes, I know I live in a fantasy world)

But really, all I’m hoping for is more responsiveness than got! (Check out her note Canon = Lies & Thievery)

So far, it’s taken them 3 days to email me the estimate along with the "Repair ___ Return ___ Discard" form, quoting a standardized estimate for the E18… one would think they could have just had me approve the repair when I was there… but no.

Flat fee to fix an E18, dropped or not? $210. 
Estimate to camera return? 3 weeks.

Fingers crossed that I’ll be back to Click here to enlarge product image(s)taking rocking again soon! And hopefully the fix will last long enough for me to upgrade to the S5.

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