Sitting In The Dark

So is any one else sitting in the dark?

I was planning on finishing one more call and then posting something about the fantastic wedding we went to last week or perhaps the sleep study I took Sunday night… but my call and plans were interrupted right in the middle of me asking the price of a side of coulis d’erable.

So instead of glowing remarks about two beautiful brides or amusing anecdotes (and possibly photos) of me wired up like an Xmas tree, you get a whiny little post about me sitting in a dark, dank, drafty apartment while the wind blows and sirens wail around me. (we aren’t in the safest of neighbourhoods)

Ah, but the cupboard is filled with candles and the BBQ with gas. so I decided to start some dough and maybe we’ll have pizza by candlelight tonight. Where are you on this blustery night?
Blue Flame

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