Tweets for Today

Sorry if this isn’t all that interesting, I’m testing out the ability to create a blog post automagically from twitter tweets.
The goal is to find something that will let me publish some of the microblog posts to the CheapEats blogs. []

For things like – "It looks like a new Ali Baba is going in at Church @ Dundas" and "Terroni on Victoria has probably moved to Adelaide… more details soon."

  • Off to celebrate Earth Hour by living Island Life ( in downtown TO.
  • ACK missing #Twitterbrunch Guess I was 2 days early, or just up too late.
  • The quiet of our  Earth Hour was TOTALLY destroyed by media helicopters hovering over downtown… So loud! So annoying!
  • Brunch at the new neighbourhood diner Chew Chew.
  • experiencing a restaurant in success failure.
  • But the owner is smart enough to take advantage of a lull and go table to table checking in with customers.
  • It’s frustrating watching movies pretend 1st year non-linear equations would be taught in to 4th year MITCHJOEL students. Silly movie.
  • silly movie, who do yoou think your audience is?  #21
  • mmmm Chili Chicken on rice at Yeuh Tung. Reminds me of my Nortel years.

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