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  • [Blog] title?: Testing changing the preamble [Blog] Tweets for Today: Sorry if this isn’t all th..
  • @stuartma Does it help getting them to pay *you* for every minute they stay up late? Baby sitting fees?
  • [Blog] Sun’s Kitchen Hand-Made/Hand-Cut Noodles [Flickr]: LexnGer posted a photo:See this ..
  • [Blog] Sun’s Kitchen Bowl of Noodles [Flickr]: LexnGer posted a photo:See this being made
  • @ryancoleman Not wrong, it just feels wrong. If you have brilliant solutions, please share.
  • @thornley Love this phrase “…shift fluidly and flexibly between the role of audience and author.”
  • Bell just delivered 13 new messages from Feb 28-today. If you’ve been waiting a month for a callback, you’ll hear from me soon.
  • @edenspodek Luckily, 10 of them were hangups! Hopefully they emailed or called my cell.
  • What is it about the week of May 19-25 that makes everyone pick it for the best events? Scheduling conflicts abound.
  • @melledotca SEE! Another opportunity trashed due to conflict. I’d love to be traveling to France with you. Thanks for the invite ;->
  • An unstable desk makes for a shaky grasp on your day. Time to hit a coffee shop and find better legs.
  • @radicalcoach That’s not how email works around here (aka Toronto) My spouse regularly gets woken up with my phone bleeping “email’s here”
  • @whatsnext @tamera La Palette has Horse Tenderloin on the menu. It’s legal in Canada & the US
  • @melledotca Moo cards ROCK!
  • @jenvetterli Sometimes we all have to cave to the Toonie Tuesday.
  • @missrogue Wooo HOOO! retweet:
  • @WilliamTully Ya, what @photojunkie said.
  • [Blog] Avoiding Introspection: Avoiding Introspection — Originally uploaded by LexnGer Ger’s th..
  • [Blog] links for 2008-04-08: iPod Touch Contest – Win a FREE 16GB iPod Touch I wonder if Ger wou..
  • @jenvetterli Liked that did you?
  • @WilliamTully Also the Shoemaker’s kids always going barefoot.
  • Who knew a badly constructed desk was good for posture. Every time I lean forward my breasts hit the desk & the desk falls over. Literally.
  • I’ve now moved to a cafe to avoid breaking things.
  • OH: “…let’s just say we ignore the internet, it’s irrelevant.. but say we had a big ad, and say it was somehow Really Effecitive…”

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