Mid-River Blogging

Mid-River BloggingThe end of vacation blues have started to encroach on our fun. You know, the point on your holiday when you realize you have crossed the half way point and you start the countdown. Counting the number of days, sleeps + hours until you won’t be here anymore? Then you start getting a little snappy for no good reason? Reacting to and over-interpreting everything being said by the loved ones you will be leaving?

Of course you, gentle reader, wouldn’t do that and have no idea what I’m talking about. I’m speaking for myself.
And I hate it.

So instead of dwelling on that silliness we hit the river, crossing early with the morning calm to snag some supplies from the store. Then we lingered on our way back, floating on the river and chatting as our kayaks slowly drifted in what was approximately the right direction.

Then we ripped things apart. Old. rotting and dangerous things which we will be replacing with new, safe and shiny things… but that’s tomorrow.

Today, there’s nothing better for a case of the blues than a little enforced serenity followed by wanton destruction of property… with raspberries on top.

What do you think?