Seeking Simone Episode 1.1

Did I mention that my friend , of fame, did a shoot at our apartment for her new series ?

Filming Seeking Simone

No? Well then I suck.

is a new lesbian web series about online dating. Follow the adventures of Simone Selkin as she dates her way through gay Toronto!

and as Rose and Renée say on the site:

Don’t fret, hets – Seeking Simone is not just for homos. It’s a comedy for anyone who’s ever dared to date – and lived to cringe forever over the tale.

So check it out. It’s GREAT!  And you might just get glimpses of the , dad’s dulcimer and Christine Thorpe’s artwork.

More info and episodes on

One thought on “Seeking Simone Episode 1.1

  • June 10, 2009 at 6:00 pm

    Woooo! Thanks, Lex! You and the Travel Bunny are ALWAYS welcome to blog about … well, anything your hearts desire. Teehee!


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