5 Years Ago

5 years ago today I woke up on an island, unsure of when I’d be able to leave.

It was a good day, my father was being let out of the hospital after open-heart surgery. He was going to stay with friends who I knew loved him dearly and would take amazing care of him.  I knew that the entire community was rallying around and signing up for daddy-sitting slots because after major surgery like this people need round the clock care.

Alpha and Beta

I knew all I had to do was keep the fires burning, feed the dogs, chickens and rabbits and wait for the river to freeze.

It was a life changing experience.

In honour of this time on the island I am going to share with you/inflict upon you a bit of the experience.

My “blogging” on the island took the form of writing in the Day Book, that I will share with you a line or two, or more, at a time.


(And if you though blogging is self-indulgent pap, you should see what the Day Book looks like after spending a month alone with a pen and an imagination and no need to edit for a readership.)

So let’s start with:

Dec 7, 2004

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

SNAP! The river is frozen on the Glen-side.

Watching the River

loose last night – possibly got a rabbit – since after catching him and chaining him close to the house I had blood on my hand.  No evidence this morning.

French toast for breakfast on this cold cold cold day. Time to do some calling, then some hauling – wood, water, boats.

Hooked up to help haul some of the wood left in the woods. We hauled 2 loads of the small stuff, which in this case are 8-10” in diameter. I was planning on doing the 2nd load but he has cut his paw (thus the blood last night). So between loads I cleaned, peroxided and put on some polysporin.

Dec 8, 2004

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

Snow/frozen rain on the ground. River opening up on the Glen—side with big wet patches – but my are still on the river. Icy & slippy & wet & yucky.
Pebble Test

Gerry called and wanted to know how soon I could be home. I explained that the ice was in and it’s likely I’ll be here until January. That for right now I can’t get off the island let alone arrange for a replacement to island-sit.

Dinner: Tuna fritters with salsa and sour cream.

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