5YAT: Just Deal With It

16 December, 2004 – Sunny & Cold, –12º

[This post is part of the 5 Years Ago Today Series]

SNAP – the mainland side has iced up! Will walk to Porcher’s end to check the state of the main river ice. Yesterday, it was open at Porcher’s, but the ice was stacked up like mille feuille – that’s “thousand leaves” pastry – yummm! With cream and raspberry – oh baby!

Spent all morning trying to get the fire going using the newly split wood.  I really don’t want to be using up the stuff that has been curing, but it means my fires aren’t as warm and thus neither is the house.

Little Bear ProwlingWalked to Porcher’s end with Little Bear. Ice there too! Not solid but newly formed don’t-step-on-me ice. Then back to haul a cartful of the wood I split back to the house. It’s possible I want to burn it so no one sees how badly split it is.

1730 – What!??!  Highs of +4º tomorrow and RAIN? What the HELL? Geeze, come on!  How hard is it to stay cold?

Honestly I don’t mind hanging out here – I am very comfortable, well except for the cough. I love being here. I’m happy that I get to be outside and doing stuff – I just would like to be able to deal with my email at the same time. Is that too much to ask? Obviously the God of Inclement Weather thinks it’s way too much to ask.

Big chat w/ the missing moose (aka dad) he said “just deal with it, you won’t be off the island before Christmas”


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