Favourite Photos From 2009

This year my photostream on Flickr hit 500,000 views.  In fact it happened just a couple of days ago. As of today my photos have been looked at 500,839 times through Flickr.  Kind of impressive for this little thing I do on the side.

Each year I tag the top 20 photos that people have favourited on Flickr.  Here is a little slide show of this year’s favourites as identified by you… or folks like you on Flickr.

And if you liked those, here are the sets for past years:

Favourited 2008 Favourites 2008

Favourited 2007 Favourites 2007

Favourited 2006 Favourites 2006

Favourited 2005 Favourites 2005

And 2 bonus sets:

Food Favs Food Favourites

What Are You Looking At? What are You Looking At? The top 10 favourited images in my flickr stream.

2 thoughts on “Favourite Photos From 2009

  • December 31, 2009 at 8:30 pm

    Hey, I recognize some of those people! And some of the food, too. 😉
    Happy New Year, Lex!


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