5YAT: 40 – The Garnet B’day

3 January, 2005 – +2º Grey – the day, my hair but not me.

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Woke to a grey day – let me rephrase that – woke to a very grey day.  The weather is again on the flop side of it’s flip-flopping. +2º when I awoke, new snow but a sputtering of rain falling before the sun rose… or more accurately before the grey got backlight.

The river looks pretty good from here – though damp. As long as there is no more rain this should only strengthen the ice.

The River Jan 3 2005

0930 still grey – though a brighter version. Perhaps due to the toasted raisin & cinnamon loaf in my hand and the lovely maroon scarf Heather sent for my garnet birthday (and because I am marooned. That joke never gets old.)  It makes those scarves I’ve been knitting look rather pathetic. My apologies to those I’m knitting them for.
Lex's 40th

I found the timer on my camera and took some self portraits and then spent a chunk of the day bemoaning the fact I will never be pretty, wild and fresh, or perhaps never again. They say your face grows to meet your soul. If this is the case, why do I look annoyed in all these photos?

Hen Party

Spent a chunk of the day visiting with the chickens and shadow bunnies in the orchard near Meatloaf.  I’m considering this my 40th Birthday Party.  My original plan for inviting all my friends and family to a glamorous cocktail party that Nancy, Carol & Tara were helping me plan. I left the day before I was supposed to sign the contract with the venue.  Interestingly, the venue was shut down my it’s landlord over Xmas anyway.

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