5YAT: Cinnamon Loaf, Frittata & Spaghetti

9 January, 2005 – Sunny & Warmish

Up early and cooking – literally. Used the sweet dough to make 2 cinnamon loaves – one horseshoe shaped and the other snail or turban shaped. Both baked up beautifully.


I also chopped up some onions and meat chunks to prep for a frittata. Tossed in a handful of the Bulk Barn’s dehydrated vegetables which perfectly complemented the frittata.

Mark called at 0930 to say he & Peggy were headed over, which gave me time to wrap a couple of presents, clean up a bit and set the table (complete with mandarins and gingerbread puppies)
Gingerbread Pups

We had a lovely brunch. Mark & Peggy brought coffee and Mark’s famous Oatcakes and we talked and talked until about 1400.

They headed home and I fed the dogs & chickens and packed up to head to shore. As I was pulling on my boots there was a knock on the door!  Mary Jo & Zara dropped in.  How lovely! But I was heading out, so I offered them tea and cinnamon loaf and left them in the house.

I spent the evening ashore at Di’s where we had a fantastic spaghetti dinner and visit.

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