Lex’s Infamous Sangria Recipe

You can thank my god-daughter Morgan** for this never-before-shared sangria recipe.  She wanted sangria for her birthday and I can’t say “no” to her. At least not about important life skills like knowing how to make sangria.
Sangria at the Pintxos Pickle
I have modified the recipe down from the traditional serving size of 1 Bucket, since Morgan doesn’t want a whole bucket of sangria for her birthday. (Obviously I haven’t had enough influence on her.)  While the scaling down of the recipe has had some other subtle impacts on resulting Sangria, it is still damned tasty!

This is the same Sangria made famous, or infamous, at our annual BBQ and Sangria parties  and it’s the Sangria served at the Secret Pickle Supper Club’s Tasting Tour of Spain.

Sangria Recipe – approx. 3L

  • 1 orange – thinly sliced
  • 1 lemon – thinly sliced
  • 1 lime – thinly sliced
  • 1/2c sugar
  • 1/4c brandy
  • 1/4c apricot brandy (secret ingredient)
  • 2l red wine
  • 2c Orange Juice
  • soda and ice to taste
  1. slice citrus and put in a non-reactive, sealable bowl.
  2. add sugar and both brandies and stir until mixed
  3. cover and leave fruit to macerate for 4-20 hours. (longer and things get really bitter)
  4. Add wine & orange juice and it’s ready to serve (or chill and serve)
  5. Serve with ice and club soda to taste.


  • re: Apricot Brandy – other fruit brandies work, but apricot is best since it’s less identifiable and introduces almond notes (which are traditionally Spanish even though apricot brandy is not)
  • re: Orange Juice – the original Bucket version uses frozen OJ and is cut with bags of ice being added to dilute and chill the full mix.
  • re: Red Wine – big and fruiting is great, anything too delicate will get lost. And you know I go for cheap, but good cheap!  Quality homemade red wine is perfect for value.
  • re: Making in advance – you can make the sangria in advance, and you can keep it for a while too.  Just make sure to strain out the citrus fruit after about a day since the pith starts adding too much bitterness to the mix.
  • re: citrus – you don’t have to be exact on type or quantity of citrus, and you can mix things up with other fruit too – apples are also traditional, but frozen berry make an interesting twist
And The Sangria Begins

Then invite me over!

** Yes, the same one who was coached by her father to say “Lexa is a boozehead” at the tender age of 2.

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