The Taste of Summer

The Taste of Summer — Originally uploaded by LexnGer

The island is covered in raspberries. It’s not uncommon in August but there have been a number of years recently, and of course all the years when we had sheep, when this wasn’t true.
So it’s always a delight to realize the island is ripe with rich red berries which will stain your fingers, catch your clothes and fill your tummy as you walk anywhere.
A handful on the way to the well. A feed on the way to the beach. Even a couple to pop in your mouth on the way to the outhouse. Eaten out of hand or topping your breakfast waffle, they are everywhere.
The canes on the island grow wild and while some were planted in the early 1900 (I assume), they are now all a cross between cultivated raspberries and a wild variety. Which means that each cane produces something slightly different. Big, small, sweet, tart, but everywhere heady raspberries. The taste of summer.

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