More Than I Could Eat @foodcabbie

More Than I Could Eat

This $5.50 breakfast special from @FoodCabbie was more than I could eat for breakfast and I even got it without the refried beans.  Can't make it to the Hamilton food truck rally today so hitting up the new @foodcabbie truck at Jarvis & Queen for breakfast(it’s the Breakfast Special on the green paper below the menu, but I think it’s almost exactly the same as the Breakfast Burrito, just with homefries)

Good solid breakfast food with a little spicy kick. 
The only disappointment was that after a long conversation with Rob  at Matt’s Road Show dinner about NYC food truck coffee I was craving good food truck coffee.  Unfortunately this truck doesn’t serve it.

Luckily Rachel had me covered at the office!

Lots of other options on the menu and they seem to be very enthusiastic about their Dawg options.  Worth a quick visit if you are looking for grab and go lunch or dinner near Queen & Jarvis.

Food Truck Breakfast for @foodcabbie

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