CategoryCloud - unsweetenedThe Categories are taking over this blog! 

While I will refrain from any #Occupy-type jokes or metaphors, I’ve realized that the categorization of is a mess! 

How do you guys find anything?!? 

So it’s time for a little restructuring at and I’m hoping you can help by telling me the 3 topics you read about on this blog. 

They don’t have to be the topics you like just 3 topics I write about and you read about. Though if they aren’t topics you like please tell me that and perhaps include a couple of topics you would enjoy more and/or think should get more attention.

If you are feeling inspired feel free to come up with catchy new categories names for them too.  Naming is not my strong suit!


Here’s a quick poll to get you thinking, but please add your own thoughts:

What Topics Does Lex Talk About On

What do you think?