Reminders of Days Past

I’m playing with a new tool called MemoLane which Tara introduced me to.  It consolidates all your social media activity into one cronological stream… a Timeline or Lifestream one might say (if you wanted to risk infringement on a what I’m sure are becoming trademarks as I speak). I’m finding it interesting but not really hugely compelling.

What I do find compelling is their MemoMail feature which combs your lifestream of social media spaces you’ve configured and sends you a daily email reminding you of something interesting you were up to a couple of years ago on this same date.  (okay, it’s not always interesting… that’s why I removed the Foursquare feed because a MemoMail filled with check-ins was yawnsville!)

But today as I was reading my email over my morning bagel I found this poking me in the face:

Bagel Stick

With these too, all from 5 years ago today.

Bagels On The Barbie #1Bagels On The Barbie #2

mmmm fresh apple-wood-smoked bagels straight from the barbecue, that would be much better than the bagel I’m eating right now.

Thing is, it also reminded me of a couple of great times that happened the day before:


and the day after:

Jim & Lex At Rest

Which is why I’m actually enjoying MemoMail so much more than many other social media tools which I’ve tried.  Because it reminds me of my A-roll.

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