#LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape


I’m going on a Road Trip and I need your help.

Here’s the deal:  Tuesday I’m starting a driving adventure to-and-from the island in a frozen river in New Brunswick which I call my second home.

Ford Canada is providing the transportation – a Ford Escape – to allow me to make this a real adventure, and to keep me safe and warm while I’m doing it.

You can provide some of the inspiration!  I’m looking for fun, interesting and tasty stops along the way.   You know, those places you always stop just 10 minutes off the highway so you don’t have to eat corporate highway food; that wonderful little waterfall that is so beautiful in the winter; the pond hockey tourney being held in your home town next week.  Those kinds of things!

My route will taken me along the Trans-Canada Highway from Toronto to Saint John with guaranteed stops in Kingston, Montreal, Quebec City, Fredericton and Saint John,  and of course anywhere I can find something fascinating to see, taste or learn about.

That’s where you come in!  You can provide some of the adventure! I’m looking for your ideas of interesting, fun and tasty stops I can make along the way!  What I should see, where I should stop and what I should eat.

I’d LOVE to hear what trouble you think I should get into! 

Leave a comment below, tweet me @alexaclark, send me a facebook message, share something with me on Pinterest  and add the hashtag #LexGoFurther.

You can follow my adventures here and on the #LexGoFurther hashtag too.

Note: this post part of my #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape series.  I will have more information on my relationship with Ford in a post soon, and you can read my disclosure statement here.

Lex & Ger at FordBlueTO

Note 2: No, I won’t be bringing Gerry (at least not past Kingston) or driving this great blue Mustang Convertible (it would be a little cold in this February weather!)  This picture is from the Ford Blue TO Media party last night where got to pose .  They wouldn’t let us pose making out in the backseat though.  I know. I asked.

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  1. Digiteyes says:

    @alexaclark @FordCanada Which route are you planning to take? Through Quebec or the USA?

  2. annafoat says:

    @alexaclark @fordcanada off-shore from Percé in Gaspe giant rock with a hole is one of the world’s largest natural arches sitting in water.

  3. annafoat says:

    @alexaclark @fordcanada then, eat delicious fish & indulge in real poutine. we played a game with the incline warnings looking for steepest!

    1. alexaclark says:

      @annafoat Love that game… I’ll definitely consider my timing to see if I can loop in the Gaspe. I would love to! #LexGoFurther

      1. annafoat says:

        @alexaclark we saw 36, dad turned off car 2 coast but lost power steering, turned on midway – blew off muffler #dysfunctionalchildhood:)

        1. alexaclark says:

          @annafoat Ya, I won’t be trying that 😉

        2. annafoat says:

          @alexaclark memorable was getting a custom welder to make us a new muffler and pipe en francais in rural Quebec – and then telling mom after

  4. AlexaClark says:

    @Digiteyes I’m headed through Canada, of course. 😉  Kingston, Montreal, Trois Riviere, Quebec City, Riviere du Loup, Edmunston, Hartland, Fredericton, Saint John. #LexGoFurther fordcanada

  5. AlexaClark says:

    . @annafoat Love that game… I’ll definitely consider my timing to see if I can loop in the Gaspe. I would love to!  #LexGoFurther fordcanada

  6. unsweetened.ca says:

    Looking for your suggestions and ideas of interesting places to stop, eat, visit and explore along the Trans-Canada from Toronto Montreal, Montreal to Quebec City, Quebec City to Edmunston, Edmunston to Saint John.

  7. Alex Worsfold says:

    try Fromagerie Lemire in Drummondville PQ, you can see it from the highway. It is a huge cheese shop and restaurant with awesome curds and fab poutine.

  8. EdenSpodek says:

    Stunning photo. Sounds like you’re off for an exciting road trip.
    Some our our go-to lunch spots in Montreal are Bagel Etc., Schwarts, Laika, Café Santropol and eggspectations. Kingston Pan Chancho Bakery and there’s a good pizza place. I’ll see if I can remember the name. We used to go there at the beginning of end of PAB. On car trips we often go for fast food on Division Street because it’s not as busy as the stops on the highway. 
    Drive safe!

    1. AlexaClark says:

      @EdenSpodek Thanks Eden, those are great suggestions and I’ll add them to my list. (and Pinterest too).  If I’m on Division Street in Kingston I’ll drive right by those fast food spots, go park at mom’s and get a Hoagie at the Hoagie House… mmmm Hoagie House!

  9. jennifer_jj says:

    .@alexaclark Might be a bit out of your way, but a stop at @beausallnatural would definitely be worth cutting off the 401. #LexGoFurther

    1. alexaclark says:

      .@jennifer_jj I’m actually considering a little side trip to Ottawa if time permits so @beausallnatural would be enroute. #LexGoFurther

      1. AlwaysCheyenne says:

        @alexaclark Have you had breakfast at The Imperial on Bank St.? Very good locally sourced deliciousness!!

        1. alexaclark says:

          @AlwaysCheyenne No I haven’t, yet. Spent many a night in Barrymore’s in days past though. Thanks!!! for the reco #LexGoFurther

      2. jennifer_jj says:

        @alexaclark Yay!!! When do we get to see the whites of your eyes? Need a buddy for your trip to @beausallnatural?

        1. alexaclark says:

          @jennifer_jj “considering” I still have to pass it by my mother.Ottawa means I’m not driving back through Kingston it’s a delicate subject.

        2. jennifer_jj says:

          @alexaclark I totally understand. It’s a delicate dance. I know it’s selfish, but I still hope you end up coming this way.

    2. alexaclark says:

      and thanks for the #LexGoFurther @jennifer_jj @beausallnatural

  10. unsweetened.ca says:

    Thanks Alex, after hearing you rave about it for years it’s definitely on my list!

  11. karenpinchin says:

    @fredtourism Done!

  12. JaneMurphie says:

    @FredTourism @alexaclark If you listen to @karenpinchin suggestion, keep going down the rd. to @picaroons & wash it down w/ a local brew!

    1. karenpinchin says:

      @janemurphie @alexaclark Ooh. Good one.

    2. alexaclark says:

      .@JaneMurphie I’ve heard great things about @picaroons. Thanks! Cc @FredTourism @karenpinchin #LexGoFurther

  13. alexaclark says:

    Thanks @FredTourism did you know I was born in Fredericton? (file in info you’ll never need to know 🙂 #LexGoFurther

    1. FredTourism says:

      @alexaclark we may have read that somewhere 🙂 Be sure to ask for the @picaroons tasting! We’d love you to come back for #DineAroundFreddy

      1. alexaclark says:

        .@FredTourism I would love to come back for #DineAroundFreddy – want to send me dates & a link (I could google, but I’m on the road 😉

        1. FredTourism says:

          @alexaclark that would be great! Dates are March 14-30. Will send you link once site is live. #DineAroundFreddy

  14. Schnitzel123 says:

    @FredTourism tell her to come to the schnitzel parlour

  15. JulieTyios says:

    @alexaclark Girl, I’ve got you covered. My reco: Le Lapin
    Sauté in Quebec City. Divine. http://t.co/iUBCqQcO #LexGoFurther

    1. alexaclark says:

      .@JulieTyios my hotel is just over the cliff from le lapin sautee , so I’m going
      If they have seats. #LexGoFurther

      1. JulieTyios says:

        @alexaclark You must. MUST. It’s too bad it’s cold for the patio, but the interior is just as lovely. #LexGoFurther

        1. alexaclark says:

          .@JulieTyios wait until you see what the staff at le Lapin Saute did with the Travel Bunny when they took him to the kitchen! #LexGoFurther

        2. JulieTyios says:

          @alexaclark Oh dear, I should have warned you about the rabbit special… *gulp* #LexGoFurther

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