T-fal and the Hot Spot


You’d think that I knew how to cook with all my posts on recipes and food. Small things like having a professional cook for a father, growing up working in restaurant kitchens and working as a camp cook at 15 would lead you to believe I know my way around cookware.  And yet the T-fal Sensorielle pan  had me completely confuddled.

As part of the Canadian Beef Brand Ambassadorship, each of the Ambassadors received a wonderful non-stick T-fal pan with Thermo-spot Technology, and a batch of Hamburger Helpers.  This was to be a part of our Big Batch Beef experimentation and I was eager to get started.  (Since between you and me, I’m a little behind on my beef posts.)

t-fal thermo-spot & hamburger helper

I washed my pan in warm soapy water, reviewed the directions on how this cool Thermo-spot worked, and followed them to the letter waiting for the pattern on the bottom of the pan to disappear and show me it was ready to cook.
T-fal Sensorielle - t-fal thermo-spot

I waited. I waited some more. I turned up the heat. I waited. I smelled smells. I heard noises. The pattern was still there, clear as day. I waited.
T-fal Sensorielle - t-fal thermo-spot

Let me share with you the exchange I had with some of my Beef Buddies when I attempted to use this new pan for the first time.

Publicly I said

Privately I asked

—- Christine says publicly —-

—- Christine says privately  —-

—- Lex says privately  —-

—- Christine says privately —-

—- Lex says privately —-

Then things get public and kind of meta (a very very shallow definition of meta, but meta non the less)

(this is the part where I desperately try and justify my technical pan-ineptitude through deflection. )

note: these DMs shared with permission, and a lot of giggling on the part of my Canadian Beef Ambassador co-horts.

For your reference:

no giggling!

NOT HOT T-Fal Thermo-Spot looks like this:

t-fal thermo-spot - cold

HOT T-Fal Thermo-Spot looks like this:

t-fal thermo-spot - hot

Note: only the dot in the middle has lost it’s pattern! And it should not take 40 minutes unless your stove is a dud.

Another useful tip:

  • You shouldn’t use these pans over high heat because it can damage the non-stick coating. Oh and using high heat for, say, 20-30 minutes can cause some meltiness in the handle.

Note: this post is part of my Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador series. For more information on my relationship with Canada Beef Inc read about my Foodie Adventure: I’m a Canadian Beef Brand Ambassador. #LoveCdnBeef and my disclosure statement


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  1. chancesmommy says:

    Bwahahahahaha! Ohhh! I LOVE this post! I remember when you tweeted us! I was dying of laughter 🙂 BEST Twitter convo ever! 
    A fellow #loveCDNbeef ambassador xo

    1. AlexaClark says:

      chancesmommy I was just very happy you guys were there with me.  Gerry just stared and wondered why exactly lunch was taking so long.

  2. chancesmommy says:

    alexaclark kitchenfrolic HeatherTravis Tfal_Canada FUNNIEST post EVER!! http://t.co/TzxLFLDIuvIuv

    1. alexaclark says:

      chancesmommy so very glad you like it… especially since you wrote a chunk of it. You and kitchenfrolic cc HeatherTravis Tfal_Canada

    2. alexaclark says:

      chancesmommy kitchenfrolic and thanks again for letting me make all that silliness public!

      1. chancesmommy says:

        alexaclark kitchenfrolic HAHA! I’m happy to be silly with you in public. See you at #FBC2013!!!

  3. Alexa Clark says:

    Thought some of you professionals might get a giggle out of this Diane McConnell, Matt Kantor, Chef Ilona Daniel, Jason Bangerter.

  4. Danielle Gauvin Thomson says:

    I know I had a good laugh! You’d better STICK to the old cast iron. Even those shouldn’t be turned up too high.

  5. Danielle Gauvin Thomson says:

    Oh Lex, to have been there.

  6. Diane McConnell says:

    You know Lex, I would’ve probably done the same thing as I’ve never cooked with one of these pans, I have my trusty omellette pan, then my cast iron, then my paderno..I know it’s rough right.

  7. unsweetened.ca says:

    I thought you guys might get a kick out of that, and possibly relate. I appreciate the validation Di!

  8. PatAnderson says:

    And overheated nonstick ware gives off toxic gases… Signe L. accidentally killed her two budgies (in the next room) by doing that. Can be dangerous to people, too.

    1. AlexaClark says:

      PatAndersonI had read that but hadn’t confirmed the new nonstick used in these pans had the same off gassing. (I had some troubles getting onto the t-fal website yesterday — http://www.t-fal.ca/Enviro.htm)

      1. PatAnderson says:

        AlexaClark PatAnderson That’s great to read! Glad to see it. Thanks for the link, Alexa!

  9. Diane McConnell says:

    not to mention Lex, I’m honored to be included in the same sentence as those inspiring chefs…thank you

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