Leg 5 – Storms, Puppy, Snow, Fires – #LexGoFurther – A Ford Escape


Prepare yourself.  I have left you waiting for the continued adventures of Lex Go Further – A Ford Escape for far too long.  It is now time for photos of the puppy interspersed with snow, food and a couple of tweets.  But mainly industrial-grade puppy cuteness.
Cutest Puppy EVER!

When last we spoke, I had just gotten onto a skidoo for the first time in my life to be whisked away to the island which has been a part of my life since I discovered it and claimed it for my own when I was 3.

Here’s a quick summary of what was fairly private time: 5 days, 3 snow storms, 1 painfully cute and fast growing puppy.  Fresh eggs, baked beans, sourdough flat bread, and assorted naps.  1 broken camera.  Yup, something happened to the Samsung on the way across the river because it worked on the shore, and did not work on the island and even though it was well padded and protected and there’s no scratch to be seen, it does not work. So my goal of photographing the whole trip with the Samsung and then giving it away didn’t pan out.  The remaining shots were taken with my Canon, or one of my Samsung or my Motorola cell phones. (I always bring 2 so I’m never without a photo-taking device)

This tweet will explain why we stayed on the island for while I was in NB.

As for the rest of the time, why don’t I just show you?

(note: to those of you getting this via emai or RSS, you may have to actually visit unsweetened.ca to see this slideshow)

While the storms blew Dad and I sat by the fire and talked: sharing stories and truths, opinions and tall tales, laughter and well… more laughter.  One of my favourite activities with both my parents. As the weather cleared, I got a little more active.

This one I actually wrote a little post to got with: Time to Go Snowshoeing

And as the wind picked up again, it was time to leave.  Just in time in fact because the wind got pretty wild and the snow started falling.

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  1. grrrr says:

    I had forgotten all about island hair and how we make flatbreads/pita on the wood stove.

    1. AlexaClark says:

      grrrr Island Hair, it’s crazzy!  I was pretty impressed by that last photo, seems after 5 days island hair looks almost like normal hair.  Doesn’t feel like normal hair, just looks like it. 
      I did try and bring you back some of those sourdough flat breads, but, they didn’t make it off the island. They were too good.

  2. Adele McAlear says:

    Puppy… I clicked from one FB page to another, only because you asked so nicely. But now you want me to click to a blog post, and really, the puppy just isn’t that cute. Or I’m not so susceptible to mind control today. How was that for feedback? If you’d hit me with the blog post from the first status update, then I think you would’ve stood a much better chance of click through. That said, when are you coming to Montreal? That way you can tell me all about the cute puppy over a few drinks 🙂

  3. Alexa Clark says:

    It’s that damned multiple clicks…. Here’s the challenge Adele, if I posted the link there all the comments would have been there, and my tracking tool Livefyre will only scape comments from here NOT from my personal facebook page. Which means all the great conversation over there won’t end up in the comments of my wonderful blog. However this will.
    I’m just comment-greedy.
    now, drinks! Gerry Thorpe and I are scheming a little time in Montreal this summer. Not soon enough, but it’s at least soon-ish.

  4. Pat Anderson says:

    Yah, multiple clicks.

  5. DoreenIannuzzi says:

    …a puppy brought me here”..well, that and your creative request 😉

    1. AlexaClark says:

      DoreenIannuzzi well at least someone was willing to leave their comments here. Thanks Doreen.

      1. DoreenIannuzzi says:

        🙂 …i remember seeing those tweets at the time…was nice to see again. A memorable trip indeed!

  6. Alexa Clark says:

    Okay you tough guys… here’s a photo of Travel Bunny with the puppy! http://www.flickr.com/photos/lexnger/8678757055/ just for good measure

  7. Alexa Clark says:

    Hey you are even IN this post. geeze. 😉

  8. Marion Cunningham says:

    Puppy test …. One …. Two …. Three

  9. Tana Rollo says:

    The puppy worked. I’m here. If you used your powers for evil rather than good, you could start your own cult and have us follow you anywhere.

  10. Tara Hunt says:

    Tip: if you post a photo instead of a link with text and a link to unsweetened.ca, people will share the photo and the original will always appear when people click it to open it up. 🙂

  11. Alexa Clark says:

    Thanks Tara Hunt that tip fixed a problem I’ve been having for a while!

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