Introducing Lex & Bill’s Epic Cornbread Burger

Screw Cronut Burgers, we just invented Lex & Bill’s Epic Cornbread Burger. That’s bacon, cheddar and smoke roasted corn cornbread… Gluten-free to boot.

Complete with old cheddar and homemade spicy apple chutney.

Burp and yum!

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  1. grrrr says:

    quinoa flower was used in the cornbread, in place of the wheat flour.

  2. Allison Fraser says:

    Love cornbread! Bring it on!

  3. Rob Lee says:

    #omnomnom Looks delish 🙂

  4. AlexaClark says:

    @Rob Lee oh it really really was!

  5. AlexaClark says:

    @Allison Fraser I always feel bad when I don’t post the recipe – but the recipe always takes sooo much longer to post.  This inspiration was based in part on the need for a gluten-free alternative for a bun and a big loaf of cornbread left from the day before. We also did cornbread toad-in-the-holes for breakfast.

  6. AlexaClark says:

    grrrr and it was great!

  7. says:

    It was so tasty! And did I mention gluten-free? And of course made with Canadian Beef 😉

  8. Michael Paul says:


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