HoHoTO Says Goodbye

[UPDATE - as of October 09, 2013 a new group of organisers have risen up to #SaveHoHoTO - or as I like to call it  HoHoTO: TNG - Dec 19,2013]

5 years ago 13 people connected on twitter and inspired a community to come together in 13 days and raise over $10,000 for the Daily Bread Food Bank.  We called it HoHoTO and we had a kick-ass party for over 600 in the process.


Corey Reid“It didn’t take very much. Just Twitter. I was riding a bus down Dufferin street when I saw some folks I’d started following talking about getting together at the Drake to discuss this Christmas party idea. I just jumped off the bus and walked up to the hotel, walked in and tweeted something like, “If anyone sees the tall guy in cowboy boots at the bar, he wants in on HoHoTO.” That was all it took. That is sometimes all it takes to get started making a difference.”

In the 5 years since, the HoHoTO community – partiers, bidders, sponsors, volunteers, organisers and founders alike have enjoyed 6 parties (yes 6… don’t forget the oddly timed and sweaty hoHOTo summer event), 3 Hangover Auctions, countless photobooth poses and many high-fives over the almost $285,000 raised for Daily Bread to help our hungry neighbours and our community as a whole.

Rob Hyndman“#HoHoTo was like a flash mob of generosity – over the years, thousands of people from our community came together spontaneously to support the Daily Bread, and to celebrate the season together.  It was a marvelous demonstration of what your community can do when it’s determined to help out.”

But 5 years is a long time.  We live and work in an industry and community where 5 years is a lifetime.   Things change. Lives change. We change.  Sadly, hunger doesn’t change though we wish it would.

After much deliberation, debate, countless tweets and emails, brainstorms and insights, the HoHoTO organisers have decided it’s time to retire HoHoTO.

We are honoured to be part of such a special community.

Thank you for the wonderful years. The giving. The sharing. The dancing.

April Dunford“I loved that this event was fueled not only by a few charitable big companies but also by many, many small start-ups and individuals that dug deep and did the right thing for the Daily Bread Food Bank. HoHoTO was a success because of the giving spirit of the Toronto tech community.   Ah those folks will miss my yearly calls badgering them for their money. Yeah, probably not.”

We encourage anyone and everyone to think of a way to blow HoHoTO out of the water and make a difference in any small or HUGE way you can think of.

We know this community is filled with ideas and heart, but we are here as sounding boards and will happily share our thoughts and guidance.

But HoHoTO is retiring.

5 Years of HoHoTO. from Michael Penney on Vimeo.

Thank you from the founders & organisers of HoHoTO


Please share your thoughts, comments, and links to your HoHoTO experiences in the comments below. We’d all love to hear them.

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Alexa Clark is an author, entrepreneur, and digital strategist based out of Toronto. She knows three things really well: technology, food and people and has established a strong reputation in a number of overlapping online communities. Alexa is the founder of CheapEats Restaurant Guides, HoHoTO, Secret Pickle Supper Club and Far From Ordinary.

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I'm pouring out all the liquor for HoHoTO. It was my first taste of what Twitter had to offer in 2010, and it was a highlight of my year ever since — I always called it Toronto Twitter's Christmas Party.

There are already people trying to come together to revive it from its ashes — a testament to how much it touched everyone over its run.

Long live HoHoTO :)

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I wish to chime in and say that HoHoTO has been an awesome event that really meant a lot to me. I'm really sad to see it go. Maybe it's weird but it feels a lot like losing MOCC again. Thanks to all of you that have made the event so great over the years. I worry about the hole in the FoodBank budget and in the Toronto tech community charitable involvement...what does this mean? 

I would be interested in joining a group of like-minded individuals to try to keep the Toronto tech community doing something for the FoodBank around Christmas.


My thanks to all the organizers for having pulled off something both very fun and very charitable!


Thanks so much to all the HoHoTO organizers. I've been an enthusiastic participant/partier at every event. While we are all sad, I can completely understand. It is an event that almost shouldn't have worked, pulled together by everyone's sheer will and passion. I feel blessed to be part of such a caring community. 



@wellred I don't know why this makes me sad even though I haven't been around for the last three!


Thank you HoHoTO founders and organizers! You've done amazing work and you should be proud. You've succeeded in making the world suck a whole lot less and you will be missed but not forgotten.

AlexaClark moderator

@CaseP So glad to see you are interested in keeping Toronto Twitter's Party rolling!

AlexaClark moderator

@RohanSJ And thank you for volunteering and working the party every single year!

AlexaClark moderator

@conniecrosby Thanks Connie. You hit the nail on the head with "pulled together by everyone's sheer will and passion."  It's a great community we are a part of!


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