Jonesing For Dim Sum!

Sometimes the cravings for dim sum come on hard and fast!Β  You want cup after cup after cup of tea for no reason. The urge to have fluffy steamed char sui bau, the craving for baby octopus in curry sauce, and of course potstickers so when I realized I would have access to a car for lunch tomorrow I decided- Dim Sum in Markham!

But here’s the rub, I don’t have access to a car very often so I don’t have a neat little list of my own personal favourite dim sum spots north of the core. So I’m turning to you, my knowledgeable and well-traveled friends to help out.

I’m looking for a dim sum spot open tomorrow (Friday) for lunch, with good food and decent variety. I don’t care if it’s cart service or pencil & paper. I lean a little gwai lo, but still surprise many dim sum ladies with some of my choices so don’t worry about “too authentic”.

Excessive Dim Sum

Help me satisfy my cravings and tell me where to go all in one quick comment! What are you favourite dim sum spots in or around the Pacific Mall?

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  1. Alexa Clark says:

    I’m look at you Joel Solish JoAnne Wang Betsy Yeung Vanessa Toye – you who tease me with dim sum all the time.

  2. Vanessa Toye says:

    My fam hangs out in scarbs and we go to a place called fung lam because of my grandma. W/ my other grandma we go to a place in the same plaza as hoho bbq.

  3. rhh says:

    alexaclark kitchenfrolic foodie411 I love Ding Tai Fung. It’s my number one.

  4. Joel Solish says:

    Ding Tai Fung for Shanghainese, or Premiere Banquet for HK style.

  5. JoAnne Wang says:

    Oh yum…one of the best in the city is Yang’s in Richmond Hill at 9665 Bayview Ave. If you want something closer to Pac Mall, then a very good option is Dragon Dynasty at 2301 Brimley Rd. Yang’s is menus, Dragon Dynasty is carts.

  6. Vanessa Toye says:

    My places are like pretty homey styles.

  7. larrylarry says:

    alexaclark You have to go to Dragon Boat – Hwy 7 and East Beaver Creek. Close enough to Pacific Mall!

  8. JoAnne Wang says:

    Oh, also Casa Imperial, just down the road from Pac Mall at 4125 Steeles Ave E.

  9. alexaclark says:

    larrylarry that’s certainly “close enough”. Thanks! Anything special on the menu that you love? #dimsum

  10. alexaclark says:

    rhh foodie411 do you guys have “must try” dishes at Ding Tai Fung or Premiere? cc kitchenfrolic #dimsum

  11. rhh says:

    alexaclark foodie411 kitchenfrolic ciao long bao, spicy dumplings, pan friend pork dumplings are my faves.

  12. larrylarry says:

    alexaclark Everything’s good there! The wontons in red oil sauce are dee-lish. Don’t have a sweet tooth, but hear the “Fried Milk” is good.

  13. foodie411 says:

    rhh alexaclark now Im hungry!

  14. rhh says:

    alexaclark foodie411 kitchenfrolic arrr .. β€œxiao” long bao

  15. alexaclark says:

    rhh foodie411 kitchenfrolic Love that you can point me to the flickr stream of dim sum goodness!

  16. alexaclark says:

    larrylarry I don’t think I’ve had wontons in red oil sauce, sounds like it’s going on my list! thanks!

  17. rhh says:

    alexaclark πŸ™‚

  18. alexaclark says:

    foodie411 rhh you are welcome.

  19. alexaclark says:

    rhh foodie411 kitchenfrolic ciao: xiao… potato: potato πŸ˜‰

  20. Joel Solish says:

    I really need to see the menu to tell you what I order, but for sure the xiao long bao, pan fried beef cakes, spicy dumplings.

  21. Vanessa Toye says:

    Because it’s her current favourite though reasons are mysterious. I enjoy them but they’re not super excellence like the dragon dynasty/yang’s etc.

  22. kitchenfrolic says:

    alexaclark rhh foodie411 I’m late to the party! Haha. But I agree – that’s a great choice. Mmm… #dimsum

  23. Betsy Yeung says:

    Paradise (Leslie n finch), Spring Villa (woodbine and Denison) . fresh and flavourful but flavour not as strong/tasty as dragon dynasty because less msg. My tongue n lips usually get numb when too much msg and v thirsty. I was at DD for dinner with relatives last week, my mouth was numb and I had 5 cups of tea and 4 glasses of iced water.

  24. says:

    Thanks Betsy Yeung! I appreciate the MSG warning, it’s can trigger headaches for me if it’s too heavy handed.

  25. alexaclark says:

    kitchenfrolic never late to the party. it starts when you get here πŸ˜‰ Thanks for the feedback.
    rhh foodie411

  26. Bonita Mok says:

    I love Diamond Banquet at First Markham Place.

  27. kitchenfrolic says:

    rhh Gorgeous photos Rob! Love xiao long bao & green onion pancakes! Cc alexaclark foodie411

  28. says:

    Thanks Bonita Mok. Any specific dishes that are “must tries”?

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