Judging at Taste Canada Cooks The Books


I’m excited to announce that I will be at The Royal this year judging Taste Canada Cooks The Books.

Taste Canada Cooks The Books

Taste Canada Cooks the Books is a two-day cooking competition at the Royal  Agricultural Winter Fair on November 2 & 3, 2013.  Leading up to Taste Canada — The Food Writing Awards,  Taste Canada Cooks the Books pairs culinary students with a Canadian cookbook author to mentor them as they prepare a dish from the author’s cookbook on stage in front of a live audience and judges.

It won’t be easy.  Public kitchen with induction burners (always a delight in live cooking situations), live audience, and judges watching your every move. How would you like to cook a dish with the author standing beside you?  The pressure is high for the student chefs to perform.

Their goal? To impress the panel of judges and create a dish worthy of earning them the title of Canada’s Best New Student Chef . The winner will be announced at the Taste Canada Awards on November 4th at the Arcadian Court.

The Canadian cookbook author/mentors this year include:  Naomi Duguid, Rose Murray, Stephanie Yuen, Adrienne De Francesco, Marion KaneMairlyn Smith, Christine Tizzard, Suzanne Hussein, Lorelei Boschman, Deanna Siemens, and Jo Lusted.

This year I’ll be joined at the judging table by smart people with discerning, educated palates, and great personalities including – Dana McCauley, Chef John Placko, Alison Fryer, Konrad Ejbich, and Annabelle Waugh.   It’s going to be fun!

We’ll be in the For the Love of Food Pavilion on the Delicious Made Easy Stage  November 2nd and 3rd at The Royal. I hope you’ll drop by, watch some of the competition, and say “hi”.

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  1. Alexa Clark says:

    Some other great folks will be joining me at the judges table including: Dana McCauley John Placko Alison Fryer Annabelle Waugh Smart people with great palates, I’m honoured to be included.

  2. alexaclark says:

    Thanks MuseInkca I’m really looking forward to it and I’m in great company! TasteCanada http://t.co/Zlu9lqPsYR

  3. alexaclark says:

    Delighted to announce I’ll be judging at TasteCanada Cooks The Books w/ johnplacko DanaMcCauley cookbookshop ++ http://t.co/Zlu9lqPsYR

  4. CrosbysMolasses says:

    alexaclark Congrats!

  5. alexaclark says:

    CrosbysMolasses Thanks, it should be a lot of fun. And it’s at THERAWF too. Bonus!

  6. WineZone says:

    alexaclark TasteCanada ditto… and the cookbook awards gala the following day.

  7. alexaclark says:

    WineZone TasteCanada I promise to be well behaved, if you do. 😉

  8. rillycarilly says:

    alexaclark Congrats and lucky them! TasteCanada johnplacko DanaMcCauley cookbookshop

  9. alexaclark says:

    rillycarilly Thanks Caryl! TasteCanada johnplacko DanaMcCauley cookbookshop #foodlit #litawards

  10. Alexa Clark says:

    Part of the excitement of this will also be seeing the Canadian Cookbook authors mentoring student chefs. Some of the participating author/mentors include: Chef Jo Lusted Naomi Duguid Mairlyn Smith Stephanie Yuen Christine Tizzard & Marion Kane (Food Sleuth) They are all listed in the post here: http://unsweetened.ca/2013/10/judging-taste-canada-cooks-books/

  11. DanaMcCauley says:

    alexaclark TasteCanada johnplacko cookbookshop looking forward to it! Such a great program!

  12. TasteCanada says:

    alexaclark johnplacko DanaMcCauley cookbookshop We <3 our Judges. Incubating Canada’s Future Chefs is rewarding for us all!

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