A Glimpse Into Today – Dim Sum Kingston

“Don’t bother us, we’re having our tea”, says my mother as she and Travel Bunny enjoy a visit over lunch.
Dim Sum Kingston and Travel Bunny
Today we lunched at a new spot Dim Sum Kingston.
Mom had the menu waiting by my chair to review when I arrived as one of the options for our dining adventures this visit.

We were pleasantly surprised by the food, and Dim Sum Kingston clocks in at a solid 3 in the CheapEats quality scale.  The prices weren’t ridiculous, though they weren’t 10am in Chinatown cheap either.  At $2.99 for each dim sum dish, it’s a doable dim sum in Kingston.Dim Sum Kingston, Dim Sum Menu

We hit the basics since there were only 2 of us:  haw gow, char sui bau; “slimies” or Cheung Fun - wide rice noodles wrapped around a filling in our case shrimp with sauces that leave them highly mobile on the plate (thus the nickname).  We also got curry cuttlefish – which came in a red curry sauce rather than the Toronto-traditional neon yellow curry sauce. It was tasty, but a little spicier than was good for mom.   When I ordered the Shrimp Spring Rolls I expected the cigar shaped shrimp sticks or shrimp rolls, but it was more like the  spring rolls you’d get in the 80s with shrimp. It’s always fun to see what you’ll get.

With that in mind, we tried a couple of items we didn’t have pre-expectations of. First the Wonton with Spicy Sauce (which is what they recommended when I asked if they had Wo Tip.  My request was greeted with a big smile and “sorry we out”. I wish I had more/some Cantonese.)  The wontons with spicy sauce were just that, meaty wontons steamed in spicy sauce.  The Stuffed Stick Dumpling which turned out to be what I call  “dim sum footballs” or ham sui gok – which are a glutenous rice dumpling filled with minced pork.

They have a lot of other stuff on the menu, but it’s so nice to be able to get dim sum in Kingston, that’ll have to wait for some other time.

Dim Sum Kingston is at 501 Princess Street (just up from Division) and serves Monday-Sunday from 11am-2am. So it’s pretty accessible too.

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grrrr moderator

Wow. Downtown even. I must have loaned you my dim-sum-finding superpowers!

Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark

Really?! These autoposts from unsweetened.ca to facebook aren't showing the right photos at all! Let's try this again

grrrr moderator

Hey! You've found another dim sum place in Kingston! One that serves up during the week!!! SWEET!

AlexaClark moderator

@grrrr Yes, we believe that is exactly what happened.  and I thank you, mom thanks you and even Bunny thanks you.

AlexaClark moderator

@grrrr yup!  Dim Sum Kingston - just up Princess from Division between 2 favourites, the new Pat's Cambodian location and John's Delicatessen.


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