A Thanksgiving Throwback Thursday – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane

In honour of our friends in the US, a little Thanksgiving #TBT – Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane.

Thanksgiving Dinner on a Plane

This is from 2009 when we we traveling on Thanksgiving so our dear friends packed us a feast from their groaning board before we caught a cab to the airport.

Tips For Thanksgiving Dinner on Plane

  • get your food portioned into multiple containers just in case. That way if security refuses the stuffing, you might still have the pie to eat mid-flight.
  • gravy is NOT considered a liquid by airport security, especially if it’s already on your potatoes.
  • cranberry sauce is also permissible as long as it’s not too saucy.
  • any attempt to do this will result in many many many people asking if your brought enough for the whole plane.
  • pack napkins, lots of napkins!
  • hungry security guards and airport staff will attempt to confiscate your dinner, mostly in jest. But not entirely.
  • be nice to your Flight Attendant so they let you do this. (and might heat up your gravy if you are extra good.)
  • if you can, bring enough to at least share something with your seat mates.  A bag of extra biscuits or pumpkin pie tarts are a nice touch.

Note: rules on “outside food” may vary by airline.  Air Canada was very good about this, but I can’t guarantee other airlines will be.  (or even that Air Canada would be now.)

Happy US Thanksgiving.

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It was indeed. I think we had 3 kinds of roast beast - turkey, lamb and ham, but there may have been some beef in there too.

Diane McConnell
Diane McConnell

that was a great meal with good friends and lots of family, and am so glad you and Gerry got to partake

Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark

And a little #TBT thanks to the founder of that moveable feast Diane McConnell, Debra Bathgate, and Nancy Riven

grrrr moderator

i was more worried about the cranberry sauce... it was a bit sharp ;-)

grrrr moderator

Best meal I've ever had on a plane!

AlexaClark moderator

@grrrr you had the biggest drumstick I've seen in a long time. I was worried they would turn you back just on that!

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