Bauli Pandoro e Panettone

What a treat to open the door to find these Bauli treats after a long and somewhat trying weekend. Thanks Bauli Canada, I know what’s for coffee break today.

Bauli Pandoro e Panetton

I’ve always looked at Bauli Panettone and Pandoro as magical boxes that show up at the stores before Xmas, since they aren’t really part of my Canadian/anglo/scots/acadian/maritime background. (though ironically challah has been).

I’m looking forward to expanding my traditions.  Maybe sooner than later.

I couldn’t resist sharing this “making of” video.

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Lauren Wolff
Lauren Wolff

I did miss it! Thank you for flagging it for me!

Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark

Lauren Wolff just in case you missed it.

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