Travel Bunny at The Hoagie House in Kingston

Travel Bunny at the Hoagie House, Kingston Ontario

Travel Bunny says: if you go to Kingston you have to go to the Hoagie House for a Cheesesteak Hoagie.

Not gluten-free, not dairy-free, not meat-free. But damn tasty!

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Thanks Bonnie. I've decided to manually add these again to avoid the issue of facebook showing the wrong photo issue. In some cases it might be really problematic!

grrrr moderator

TB would prolly like some Sir Perry with his hoagie

Bonnie Massey
Bonnie Massey

Photo looks good when you click on the link----Bunny-my-friend, there used to be the greatest little consignment dress shop right near there----I

Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark

He does! He just doesn't know why that photo didn't show up right.

AlexaClark moderator

@grrrr @TravelBunnyis25 needs absolutely NO assistance in finding tasty boozy beverages to consume.  What he needs help with is: learning to share!


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