We Are Toronto & HoHoTO

While our city and it’s mayor are in the midst of a horrendous PR nightmare, there are two bright spots that crossed my desk this week.  And they shine just a little brighter given crap that’s being flung around about Toronto.

We Are Toronto. you've seen our worst, now meet our best

We Are Toronto

We Are Toronto launched this week, I assume in direct response to the impressions the actions of our mayor is creating for the world. This site dedicated to showcasing Toronto’s best.  Any day of the year I would think it was a fantastic idea to crowd-source the people in our city who make a positive difference big or small. Given what is going on right now, I think it’s a stroke of brilliance to crowd-source redemption.  The people behind We Are Toronto are showing character and grace as they help guide our focus back to what is good and inspiring about the world around us. Thank you.

HoHoTO 2013HoHoTO

It’s not new, but it is amazing. And it’s back for it’s 6th year on Dec 19th, 2013.

Tickets just went on sale.  Some cool new features:  $150 VIP tickets which includes drinks & appetizers from 7pm-9pm, and the ability to pre-order raffle tickets in bundles of $20/20 tix or $100/150 tix.

I’ll be there. Will you?

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@rochlatinsky yup, that's exactly how I feel. BTW great job on HoHoTO! Can't wait to come.


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