Leading The DigiTalks at the Digital Restaurant Project

On Friday March 14th,, I will be spending the day at the Digital Restaurant Project leading the DigiTalks discussing  the effects of online engagement for restaurants including reputation management, reservations,  and PR.


Hosted by the Ted Rogers Institute for Tourism and Hospitality Research, this is the inaugural Digital Restaurant Project. The Project will explore the transformation of the restaurant into a more digital experience and its goals include connecting the restaurant industry with current technological advances that enhance online presence and generate revenue.

The DigiTalks I’ll be leading are 15-minute “TED Talk” style lectures, which will be held from 10:15-11:30am.

Digital Restaurant Project DigiTalks:

It’s interesting to note that the Digital Restaurant Project, as part of it’s educate and connect mandate, has setup the tickets so each ticket purchased for $150, also it covers the cost for a university hospitality student to attend the event.

The Digital Restaurant Project

There are still a handful of seats available, so I hope to see you there.

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Alexa Clark
Alexa Clark

Abigail Van Den Broek for some reason it wouldn't let me link this to you directly. Looking forward to Friday.

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