How to Tap A Maple Tree to Make Maple Syrup

After much adventure and drama we finally made it up to the farm and tapped the maples so we can start sugaring for the season.
Since so many people last year asked me about it, I thought I’d show you how to make maple syrup from scratch.

Step 1: Tap the Maple Trees

The blue on the drill bit is a bit of duct tape so we don’t drill too deep into the tree. We don’t want the tap hole to be well into the sap wood, but not to go into heart wood. We also want enough room for a little open tunnel to collect sap that will go into the spile. (That’s the white plastic thing you see Liana hammering into the tree).

drilling the tap

I’ll show you the next step, next time.
We have a great time doing this and it produces wonderful maple syrup.  Though not always cost-effective maple syrup.

What do you think?