Judging Feed Tomorrow’s Wrap Up With Rice

I am delighted to announce that I will be judging tomorrow’s #WrapUpWithRice cooking competition. 3 teams of students from Toronto Foundation for Student Success  Beyond 3:30 program will be competing. Each team has the chance to win money for their program and school’s nutrition program and a great experience at Cafe Belong at the Evergreen Brick Works

I’ll be judging with Chef Brad Long, Lois Abraham, Leah Honiball, Chef Thomas Swolfs, and Jes Watson at Loblaws 60 Carlton.


Unlike past years, this year’s competitors are not high school students from culinary programs, but 11-14 year olds from the Beyond 3:30 Junior Chef Clubs recreating USA Rice Canada’s recipes.

The Beyond 3:30 programs sound great and include providing an in-school place for kids to go from 3:30-6:30 every school day. Students can go in for homework support, a healthy meal, sports, cooking and other opportunities that are often out of reach for families facing poverty issues.

Last year, 72% of beyond 3:30 students said they gained a much better understanding of nutrition and food preparation, 68% became much more physically active, and over 70% improved their grades.

Thanks to USA Rice Canada for inviting me to judge and be a part of supporting these initiatives. I’ll be sharing updates live on twitter and  Instagram 

You can find out more about Feed Tomorrow and TFSS here:http://tfss.ca/feed-tomorrow and more about Beyond 3:30 here: http://tfss.ca/our-programs/beyond-3-30

What do you think?