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Chef Chris McDonald’s Anticuchos

Chef Chris McDonald’s Anticuchos
Anticuchos are a Peruvian street food, grilled hot and fast, served with boiled potatoes, salad and corn,  and made from beef heart. Now before you get all squeamish, beef heart is a dark and richly flavourful cut of beef and it tastes like beef not offal.  It is all lean muscle, which is good because all the heart does all day is work, so o [...]

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCND...

Chef Chris McDonald in Chefs #LoveCNDBeef
I’m delighted to announce that Chef Chris McDonald is our next chef in the Chefs #LoveCDNbeef series. Chris has been challenging Toronto’s expectations of food for years and I’m excited to share the how he taken to the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef challenge (but more on that soon.) Now it’s time to get to know Chef Chris McDonald. Ch [...]

Chef Matt Basile’s Beef Cheek B...

Chef Matt Basile’s Beef Cheek Bulgogi Ravioli
Chef Matt Basile’s recipe combines rich, meaty beef cheeks and the exotic flavours of bulgogi to create an impressive and easy to make, appetizer – Chef Matt Basile’s Beef Cheek Bulgogi Ravioli! I love it when the recipes we get for Chefs #LoveCDNbeef use an atypical cut of beef.  Beef cheeks have appeared in a couple of re [...]

Chef Matt Basile in Chefs #LoveCDNbee...

Chef Matt Basile in Chefs #LoveCDNbeef
You know those times when you meet someone and there is an instant connection? Where you fall into a conversation as if you have known each other all your life? That’s how it was when I met Chef Matt Basile, or as many people know him Fidel Gastro. I’d been hearing about this Fidel Gastro guy for some time from mutual friends and the movers a [...]

Chef Jesse Vergen’s Beef Tongue...

Chef Jesse Vergen’s Beef Tongue Tacos
This simple and inexpensive tongue recipe from Chef Jesse Vergen is so good Gerry has already been asking when we’re going to pick up another tongue to make it again.  That’s a real endorsement in this house. In all honesty, I haven’t eaten beef tongue in a long long time.  I had it poorly prepared once (let’s just le [...]

Chef Jesse Vergen in Chefs #LoveCDNBe...

Chef Jesse Vergen in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
Chef Jesse Vergen was one of the first Chefs I invited to join the Chef’s #LoveCDNBeef series and I’m so happy to be introducing you to him now. Chef Jesse Vergen is the Executive Chef at the Saint John Ale House, the owner/operator of the Smoking Pig BBQ — one of the few food trucks in New Brunswick, and an organic farmer who own [...]

Chef John Placko’s 48-hour bave...

Chef John Placko’s 48-hour bavette with parsley gel mash, seared asparagus and spicy crisp onion strings
When Chef John Placko agreed to send in a recipe for Chefs #LoveCDNbeef I was eager to see what fun new food science techniques he would have for me to try.  He didn’t disappoint with this recipe that is wonderful to eat and fun to make without being labour-intensive. I got to do some sous vide (long-slow boil-in-a-bag), gelification [...]

Chef John Placko in Chefs #LoveCDNBee...

Chef John Placko in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
The first time I met John he was using a reverse griddle and the second time he let me make ice cream with liquid nitrogen. The way to this girl’s heart is through food, especially if it’s science experiment food! I love this guy! Chef John Placko is one of the first people I think of when discussing  molecular cuisine.  John [...]

Chef Carl Heinrich’s Station Bu...

Chef Carl Heinrich’s Station Burger with Pommes Kennedy
I wasn’t quite sure what was coming when Carl said he’d be sharing the recipe for Station Burger and Pommes Kennedy.  We had talked about doing a recipe that would push me, and maybe you, to try something new in the kitchen and on the plate.  But I didn’t expect that making a burger with potatoes would do that.  I could not [...]

Chef Carl Heinrich in Chefs #LoveCDNB...

Chef Carl Heinrich in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
I am delighted to announce that Chef Carl Heinrich is the next chef in our Chefs #LoveCDNBeef series.  Carl is Chef and co-owner of Richmond Station, winner of Top Chef Canada and co-owner of West Side Beef Co. Before I had tasted his food, before I had met him, even before his win on Top Chef Canada, I had been hearing about Carl.  One thin [...]

Chef Ilona Daniel’s Korean-Styl...

Chef Ilona Daniel’s Korean-Style Braised Beef Cheeks with Kim Chi Pancake
As I mentioned when I introduced you to Chef Ilona Daniel, I’ve been eagerly awaiting her dish since August. When it arrived I couldn’t wait to start cooking. The finished dish was fantastic.  A great introduction to the flavours of Korean cuisine and wonderful for those of us who know and love them. While we are very comfortable w [...]

Chef Ilona Daniel in Chefs #LoveCDNBe...

Chef Ilona Daniel in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
When I started considering chefs for Chefs #LoveCDNBeef I was hoping to including a Chefs from each of the Maritime provinces.  Since there’s only one Canadian Beef Ambassador east of Ontario, I kind of felt it was my duty to represent the Martimes too. So I turned to my buddy Rob Hyndman to ask about Chefs in PEI. Since Rob knows food and o [...]

Chef Rossy Earle’s Ropa Vieja

Chef Rossy Earle’s Ropa Vieja
January’s recipe in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef is Chef Rossy Earle’s Ropa Vieja.  Her Panamanian-style Braised Shredded Beef is rich, flavourful, meaty & versatile and is a traditional dish from Rossy’s childhood home of Panama. Rossy is in the process of developing a website dedicated to the rich culinary heritage of Panama, he [...]

Chef Rossy Earle in Chefs #LoveCDNBee...

Chef Rossy Earle in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
Given Chef Rossy Earle’s easy touch with beef, it wasn’t a hard to know she’d make a great addition to the Chefs #LoveCDNBeef series. When she agreed to participate I started to salivate in anticipation of what dish she’s share with us. I met Rossy at the first Food Truck Eats event a couple of summers ago. We have a lot of friends and conne [...]

Chef Jonathan Korecki’s Pan-roa...

Chef Jonathan Korecki’s Pan-roasted Ribeye w/ Wild Mushrooms, Blistered Kale, Lime-Pickled Shallots #LoveCDNBeef
December’s Chefs #LoveCDNBeef recipe from Chef Jonny Korecki is perfect for a New Year’s Eve feast. When I prepared it, I actually fussed way more than was necessary.  Turns out it is easy to make, flavourful, and quick to prepare.  On top of that it presents beautifully.  I’m looking forward to making this again soon. A couple of quick note [...]

Chef Jonathan Korecki in Chefs #LoveC...

Chef Jonathan Korecki in Chefs #LoveCDNBeef
Okay, I have to fess up, I’ve never met Jonny.  In fact, even after all our email exchanges, I feel a little unsure if using Jonny instead of Jonathan is really okay, but we all know I take liberties. However, I have met his food. And introduced other people to it. I have had him in my home, spent hours with him, late at night, when my spous [...]


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