CheapEats Toronto

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CheapEats is…

At Canzine yesterday, we asked people to complete the phrase “CheapEats is…”, here are some of the responses: CheapEats is… cheap! CheapEats is… wicked cool & handy. CheapEats is… a great idea! CheapEats is… a book. CheapEats is… radically necessary. Torontonians continue reading “CheapEats is…” on » Ottawans continue reading “CheapEats is…” on…

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The McKellar Ambush

Don McKellar Photo courtesy of Steve Rhodes. Let it not be said that yesterday was a complete disaster.  Just minutes before my comedy-network-esque interview, I ambushed Don McKellar at the corner of Spadina and Adelaide. Now while, I don’t generally just ambush people on the street, not even celebs, I have been known to approach…

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