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Vote, vote, vote in the Canadian Blog Awards

The Canadian Blog Awards are underway and we’ve been nominated!  In a bunch of categories, in a bunch of ways. But, it’s only Round One and you can only vote once per category.  So we need your support to make the Final Round. MiniBookExpo has been nominated in the  Cultural/Entertainment category CheapEats Toronto has been…

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Lex In The Sky

As part of Amex’s launch of Summerlicious, I was invited to have breakfast in the sky, 35 metres above Dundas Square. This photo was taken by Chef Christopher Matthews. The photo I was gifted when we landed, the one by the professional photographer, was most certainly NOT above the nose. I think I’ll get chefs…

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Recent CEOT Posting

What Are Your Must Try Dishes In Ottawa? CEOT is building the list of 100 must try dishes in Ottawa and 20 spots have been reserved for your suggestions. An active discussion is underway in the comments section – check it out! (tags: ottawa cheapeatsottawa bestof food ceot restaurants) Shawarma Debate – Chicken or Beef?…

Shout out from BlogTO

The CETO F*book Group just got a shout out from BlogTO in their 50 Essential Toronto Facebook Groups.  Cheap Eats Toronto – The Facebook Group companion to the Cheap Eats Toronto restaurant guide. Administrator Alexa Clark keeps members up to date with links to Toronto food news and events. Don’t forget we have one for Cheap Eats Ottawa…

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