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Happy Punctuation Day!?!?!

Seriously?!?  Tomorrow is National Punctuation Day in the US. September 24th is a “celebration of the lowly comma, correctly used quotation marks, and other proper uses of periods, semicolons and the every-mysterious ellipsis.” It’s also an excellent day to ask the questions: how do they get all these cool and seemingly random celebration days? why…

Canadian, Please! Now With Dance Moves

I don’t share videos much, but this is just too good not to share. Prepare for earworm! Song & video produced by Julia Bentley & Andrew Gunadie And from Van46Digital, Canadian Dance Moves to Canadian, Please!   Now, go ahead and try to tell me you aren’t singing along.  Canadian, please!

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Whuffaoke Toronto – Launching Tara Hunt’s The Whuffie Factor

[note – this was post-dated and posted a long time after the event, when I realized it hadn’t been posted] As I’ve mentioned before, my friend Tara Hunt has launched her first book The Whuffie Factor. Tara’s cross-country tour turned into Tara touring the US and Canada in a tricked-out Winnebago fully equipped with video…

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