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Chef Obsession Contest Winner!

Chef Obsession Contest Winner!
We had a lot of Chef obsessions, favourites and stories shared in the #AFChef13 #ChefObsession Contest – Tell Me Your Canadian Chef Obsession, Win Dinner at Fabbrica. What a great set of entries to chose from. You can see everyone’s  stories in the comments of the original post but let me give you a run down of the Chefs that were [...]

Contest: Tell Me Your Canadian Chef O...

Contest: Tell Me Your Canadian Chef Obsession, Win Dinner at Fabbrica
In celebration of this year’s S. Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition, San Pellegrino has given me a $150 Gift Certificate to Chef Mark McEwan’s Fabbrica to give away to one of you.  Well, one of you who is brave enough to tell me about your Chef Obsession. Tell me about your favourite Canadian Chefs – each chef you tell me about g [...]

We Have a Winner! #AFChef #FoodObessi...

We Have a Winner! #AFChef #FoodObession Contest
The winner of my #AFChef Food Obsession contest is Alex! Alex won a $150 Gift Certificate for Lee Restaurant courtesy of San Pellegrino and theSan Pellegrino Almost Famous Chef Competition!  Alex entered on Facebook (as did many of you) and said his current Food Obsession was: Street Food and or small hole in the wall type restaurants that of [...]

Contest: #AFChef Food Obsession

Contest: #AFChef Food Obsession
I have a well documented obsession with Paprika. I like it sweet.  I like it hot. I like it smoked.  I like it from Hungary. I like it from Spain. I love the wide range of uses for the sweet, spicy, rich, flavourful delight that is paprika. Ooops… this is supposed to be about your Food Obsession. What is your Food Obsession?  What is it that [...]

Longo’s: And The Winner of the ...

Longo’s: And The Winner of the Favourite Cook Photo Contest Spectacular is….
With Rochelle campaigning HARD for her photo to win and her diligence paid off as she garnered over 300 votes!  She even incited people to go vote because it was a photo of her in her holiday lingerie. Here’s how she described Festive Breakfast: My flatmate snapped this photo of me cooking breakfast. We had rudely been awakened by our [...]

Longo’s: Vote in the Favourite ...

Longo’s: Vote in the Favourite Cook Photo Contest Spectacular
I need your help to pick the winner in the Longo’s Favourite Cook Photo Contest Spectacular  Winner gets a New Year’s Eve Surf & Turf Spectacular Dinner from Longo’s.  That will include four steaks, bag of shrimp and lobster tails and a selection of other Longo’s goodies. The Winner will be announced Dec 29th after 3pm based [...]

Longo’s: Photo Contest – ...

Longo’s: Photo Contest – Favourite Cook Photo Contest Spectacular
ENTRY DEADLINE EXTENDED until 8pm Dec 28th As my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassadorship comes to a close, I wanted to wrap up with one big photo contest that you can all enter!  Late December is all about cooking, whether it’s rum balls, latkes, turkey, bibingka, black cake, tourtière, gingerbread or momos, so in honour of all this cooki [...]

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the Wor...

Giveaway: Taste Ontario Taste the World at Longo’s Nov 30
As part of my Longo’s Taste Ontario Ambassador adventure, I just got approval to take over the Longo’s Loft on Nov 30th and host an evening with Chef Matt Kantor of and my partner in the Secret Pickle Supper Club cooking international dishes featuring Ontario products. This is a one-night-only demo dinner entitled:  Ta [...]

Giveaway: Longo’s Gift Card

Giveaway: Longo’s Gift Card
It’s past time for another Longo’s giveaway and this time rather than hand picking a big bag of perishable goodies I’ve decided to give you a Longo’s gift card for $20. This way you can spend it on the goodies you would like to put in the bag yourself!  Vegetables, coffee, meat, cheese, sauces, chocolate, or just stock up on garlic Here’s How [...]

Giveaway: Cranberry Festival & B...

Giveaway: Cranberry Festival & Bog Tour #ExplorersEdge Contest
Yes, you heard right, a Cranberry Bog Tour Giveaway!!!  How cool is that? Thanks to Explorers’ Edge I have 8 passes to the Bala Cranberry Festival and Cranberry Bog Tours THIS weekend! Just tell me what you like about cranberries before Thursday at 5pm and you’ll be entered to win.  It’s that simple! I have 2 prizes each for 4 people so you c [...]

Giveaway: Longo’s Taste Ontario...

Giveaway: Longo’s Taste Ontario Grab Bag
It’s time for me to give away another big bag of Longo’s goodies to one of you lucky readers! As many of you know, I spent most of yesterday at Longo’s Maple Leaf Square location.  I ate, I shopped, and I hung out in the Loft.  I also visited Corks Beer and Wine Bar, conveniently located in the Loft! Corks serves a great list of Ontario wine [...]

Giveaway: Bag of Longo’s Goodie...

Giveaway: Bag of Longo’s Goodies
As part of the Taste Ontario Ambassador Series I asked Longo’s to make it possible for me to share my tastes and experiences with you guys through a monthly giveaway of some of the Taste Ontario produce and Longo’s products. Of course I don’t have enough to give everyone (wouldn’t that be nice!), so I’ll be having a monthly contest and pickin [...]

Be A Taster in #TorontoTaste’s ...

Be A Taster in #TorontoTaste’s #ImATaster Contest
Can you fearlessly balance a glass of chardonnay, a porcini tart and a mini strawberry dacquoise in one hand while entering rapt reviews of less than 140 characters with the other?  Do you have adventurous tastebuds, Twitter acumen, fast thumbs and a yearning to report live from Toronto’s most coveted culinary event of the year, Toronto [...]

Longos Goodies Give Away Winner

Longos Goodies Give Away Winner
[Testing out a new tool called Storify which lets you construct stories from a variety of sources and then embedded them into your blog. I’d love to hear what you think and/or if it worked for you.]

The Generous December Group Writing P...

The Generous December Group Writing Project
Kate, of Baby Lune, is running a blogging contest and the winners are your favourite charities. The best new blog post about your favourite charity, social cause or helpful organization will garner a donation to the charity you are talking about.  Just add a comment to Kate’s post with a link to your post and you are entered. “Tel [...]

No Competition

No Competition
Yesterday as I was walking home from a wonderful lunch meeting with Mondo discussing life, business and photography I deeked into the LCBO on St. Clair West. As you should already know, I have my S2 back so I’m taking pictures left, right, and centre, like the photoholic I am.  So, when I saw the ad for the “Amateur Photo Contest& [...]


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