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Week Filled With Conferences, Cookies...

Week Filled With Conferences, Cookies, Contests and Crowds (lovely crowds!)
Last week was a whirlwind, leaving my brain (and my SD cards) filled with images, ideas and inspiration. I have much to process, integrate and digest, so I’ve decided I’ll share a quick set of snapshots of what was going on over the last week in the Food and Hospitality scene around here.  (Yes I know this is sucky SEO-wise, should care. Don& [...]

I’m Speaking at the Food Blogge...

Food Bloggers of Canada Conference Speaker
I’m excited to announce that I am one of the speakers at this weekend’s Food Bloggers of Canada Conference, Canada’s first dedicated food blogging conference. I will be speaking about restaurants, blogging and critiques in: The Chef & The Critic – 2 Perspectives on Restaurants and Blogging Alexa Clark and Jason Bangerter. Moderated by Ali [...]

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blo...

Honoured to be the Feature Member Blog for Food Bloggers of Canada.
How cool is this: the Food Bloggers of Canada have featured as their Featured Member Blog. My answers to the Q&A range from food-related to not so food-related and intensely personal, but that is the nature of, or as Gerry says unsweetened is  “pure, undiluted, unsweetened Alexa” The fact I had to use my old [...]

Who is Making Your Dining Experiences...

Who is Making Your Dining Experiences Exceptional?
It’s time again vote in the Canada-wide GE Monogram® – Terroir Awards for Excellence in Hospitality.  These awards are aimed at inspiring, nurturing and celebrating excellence throughout the Canadian culinary industry. They are a great acknowledgement of the hard work and dedication to excellence so many people bring to the Hospitality indu [...]

Soy La Prensa

Soy La Prensa
Sounds sexier than “I’m press” doesn’t it! I’ve spent the last 2 days at Forum Santiago squeezing every ounce of Spanish Carlos taught me out to engage with vendors and producers. And Matt has been charming the folks I can’t.It’s been an absolute joy! My people, albeit not my language. Lots of wine a [...]

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!

Have I Mentioned SPAIN!?!
So, I’ll tell this in the short version and the long version.  And just this one time, I’ll tell a super-short version first. I am going to Spain on Saturday! [end of super-short version] I have been invited as a Canadian Delegate to the 10th Annual Cooking with Olive Oil Conference (el Encuentro Internacional de Cocina con Aceite de Oliva V [...]

Some Of My Favourite Folks at the Del...

Some Of My Favourite Folks at the Delicious Food Show
If you haven’t heard there is a new Food Show in town – Delicious Food Show! As the title suggests some of my favourite food professionals are involved. (Not all, but some).  I know, favouritism… but the reason I like food festivals and events is that I get to see talented, interesting and friendly food folks making and serving tasty, interes [...]

Last Year’s Flavour Development...

Last Year’s Flavour Development Seminar
I’m really looking forward to this year’s Terroir at Hart House on Tuesday. The theme this year is Innovation & Inspiration Last year’s event was a fantastic learning and networking experience. And the food wasn’t bad either. My three favourite sessions were: Mirella Amato of Beerology and Kathleen MacIntosh, Onta [...]


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