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Introducing Lex & Bill’s E...

Screw Cronut Burgers, we just invented Lex & Bill’s Epic Cornbread Burger. That’s bacon, cheddar and smoke roasted corn cornbread… Gluten-free to boot. Complete with old cheddar and homemade spicy apple chutney. Burp and yum!

Got Lay’d – Taste Testing...

Got Lay’d – Taste Testing Lay’s New Flavours
I did not expect to get up on a glorious Saturday morning and write about Lay’s new flavours of potato chips. However, the response I got to last night’s slightly-inebriated photo-shares of our taste test means I am doing exactly that.  So coffee in hand, sitting at the patio table, with dogs at my feet, horses neighing for their [...]

Choices–Live Below The Line

Choices–Live Below The Line
When you are doing a poverty or hunger challenge like Live Below The Line and shopping for 5 days food with only $8.75 per person you don’t think you have a lot of choices. But you do.  Especially here in downtown Toronto where it’s a short walk to 7 or more grocery stores, 2 major markets, 2 Chinatowns and countless corner stores. You can ch [...]

Sugaring on the Weekend.

Sugaring on the Weekend.
Yes, it’s getting sweet and sappy here on because for the first time in my life I made maple syrup! All my years in the woods, all my stories of pruning, chopping, tending tress and I’d never tapped one. I’ve never made maple syrup before. I’ve never visited a Cabane au Sucre. I’ve never had maple taffy fresh from the snow. I [...]

Blind Tasting aka Trust Game

Blind Tasting aka Trust Game
For years we’ve been talking about doing a tasting game with our friends Rockr & Junkii. Modeled after Top Chef and Hell’s Kitchen taste challenges where the chef’s palates are evaluated, challenged and sometimes pushed well past the comfort zone. Watching this kind of thing made each of us wonder exactly how good or bad [...]

It Burns! Doritos on Fire

It Burns!  Doritos on Fire
As I’m about to start another one of my odd and totally unscientific projects, I thought I’d pull this photo out of the archives. We had a little discussion about Doritos’ fat content. Which lead to contemplating Doritos on fire Which turned into a bit of a challenge. You’d be surprised at how easy it is to get a Dori [...]


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